Here at Sydney Chocolate, we strive to design delicious chocolates with three values in mind:


We want to reflect our unique city not only in the quality of food and appreciation of all things local, we also wanted to have some fun with it! 

Tribalism is something that seems quite endemic to Sydney. It's also something that we find amusing and helps us create wicked flavours that locals can relate to. Above all else, Sydney-siders are proud of their great city and have relaxed sense of humour. 

Whether it's having a reputation of soccer mums or rich housewives or quinoa-loving hipsters, we're celebrating each area of Sydney the best way we know how - through locally-made, delicious chocolates.




Two thirds of the world’s chocolate comes from cocoa plantations in Africa. Here, there are concerns of terrible working conditions, child labour and even abduction and enslavement. 

Sydney Chocolate wanted to make certain that all cocoa was sourced in an ethical and sustainable way. For this reason our suppliers work with the farmers and local co-operatives as well as through the Yayra Glover Company ( Their mission is to use this industry to improve the quality of life for small holders producing organic cocoa in Ghana. Environmental sustainability and fair treatment of the farmers is accomplished by providing long terms contracts so they can plan for the future with income stability. The prices paid are always higher than those paid by ‘fair trade’.

It really is guilt free chocolate! 



All of our stages of production are completely in house and hand made. We temper all of chocolate by hand deciding on the right ratio of extra ingredients for optimum deliciousness.

Once tempered so that the chocolate has the perfect shine and cracks satisfyingly for a bite we package by hand. All of our packing is the product of hand cut home produced wrapping paper.

Each bar is individually handcrafted and unique and we are both proud of the quality of our chocolate and the way it's packaged. We're giving you a bit of tongue-in-cheek followed by some serious chocolate-in-mouth.